About Us

At St Catherine's students have the services of the Universities and Career Office whose main goal is to support students, parents & teachers througout the career and university process. 
More specifically, the University & Careers Office provides:
  • support in university program choices and destinations
  • support in the application process
  • support in IGCSE & IB subject options
  • organizes a Career Day whereby University representatives, professionals and Alumni are invited to speak to students about their respective sector and occupation and their experiences.
Additionally, every year,the University & Careers office welcomes visits by a number of distinguished Colleges & Universities from the U.K & US., Other European countries and from all over the world, that offer  invaluable information to our students and help them make an informed decision on the schools they apply to as undergraduate students.

School Profile

Established in 1956, St Catherine’s is a private, not-for-profit, international school registered with Companies House in the UK (reg. no. 860288) and as a charity with the UK Charities Commission (Charity No. 313909).

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University Destinations 2016

Careers Office Contact information

Mrs Rebecca Demetriades - rebecca.demetriades@stcatherines.gr
UCAS and Careers Guidance

Dr Erin Miniotis - erin.miniotis@stcatherines.gr 
US Universities and Careers Guidance

Location: St Catherine's British School
B Floor
Tel: +210 2829750 ext 226

Useful Links

IB Student Registry - A New platform for IB Students to search for Universities and present themselves to universities -   https://registry.ibo.org/
USA Universities 
Commonapp - www.commonapp.org
Collegeboard for SAT registrations and University Search - www.collegeboard.org 
UK Universities 
UCAS - www.ucas.com