Posted on April 14, 2017

Headmaster’s Blog

Special Edition – COBIS Junior Games

Milton Keynes UK Tuesday, 11th April – Thursday, 13th April 2017


Day Three: Football Thursday, 13th April

St Catherine’s entered the final day of competition in confident mood despite a difficult draw – both boys and girls being placed in the same group as the British School of the Netherlands and St Saviour’s as well as Nord Anglia Hong Kong. The news that the rules had been changed so that only the top team in the group would progress to the winners round only served to heighten the nerves and tension! In previous competitions the top two in each group would go through so the change of rules in such a tough group would inevitably lead to a tentative start from all the teams. And tentative it was as both boys and girls drew both their first two games 0-0 and 1-1 against BSN and St Saviour’s! So everything depended on results against Hong Kong and how St Saviour’s fared against BSN – and unfortunately despite the boys winning 3-0 and the girls 1-0, both ended up as second in the group to St Saviour’s as they had beaten BSN in the boys group and scored more goals in the girls group. Unbeaten but unable to compete for the medal places was a bitter pill to swallow for the whole team. The pill was made even more bitter by the flagrant disregard for the rules for substitutions by the coaches from some of the other teams! Nevertheless both boys and girls responded really well by winning their next matches against BIS Riyadh and JESS (Jumeirah English Speaking School), both after penalty shoot outs. So to the final 5th/6th play off matches where fatigue and tension finally took their toll with the boys losing 0-1 to King’s College, Madrid and the girls 0-1 after penalties to DESS (Dubai English Speaking School).

The end saw tears from many of the team – a product of so much exhaustion, frustration, fatigue and passion. But as Mr Grannon, Mr Latanis and Miss Kennedy quickly pointed out they had every reason to feel deeply proud of their amazing effort and commitment over many months of preparation and also in the final three days of testing competition. This was rewarded when it was discovered that the team had finished in overall 5th position behind the African and Middle Eastern powerhouses – an amazing achievement.

Day Three: Football Results:

St Catherine’s Boys:

  • 0 – 0 British School of the Netherlands.
  • 1 – 1 St Saviour’s, Ikoyi.
  • 3 – 0 Nord Anglia Hong Kong.
  • 1 – 0 British International School, Riyadh )(after penalties).
  • 0 – 1 King’s College, Madrid.

St Catherine’s Girls:

  • 0 – 0 British School of the Netherlands.
  • 1 – 1 St Saviour’s, Ikoyi.
  • 1 – 0 Nord Anglia Hong Kong.
  • 1 – 0 JESS (Jumeirah English Speaking School) (after penalties).
  • 0 – 1 DESS (Dubai English Speaking School) (after penalties).





1st – St Saviour’s, Ikoyi.

Joint 2nd – CIS (Children’s International School, Lagos &

DESS(Dubai English Speaking School).

3rd – JESS (Jumeirah English Speaking School).

5th – St Catherine’s British School



In the evening the team, coaches and parents met at their Heathrow hotel to celebrate the end of the COBIS Games adventure. In a typically motivating speech, Mr Grannon paid tribute to the whole team and the support of the parent supporters for their effort and attitude over the preceding months as well as during the three days of competition. He then announced the individual St Catherine’s awards and the evening ended in smiles and celebrations – a truly memorable experience for all concerned!

St Catherine’s COBIS Junior Awards

  • Most Improved Performer – Christos Kanousis
  • Girls’ Athlete of the Year – Melina Tsikritsis.
  • Boys’ Athlete of the Year – Kostis Xanalatos.
  • Girls’ Swimmer of the Year – Reka Williams.
  • Boys’ Swimmer of the Year – Paris Pangalos.
  • Girls’ Footballer of the Year – Eleni Zombanakis
  • Boys’ Footballer of the Year – Antoni Panagiotou.
  • Outstanding Tournament Performance – Minas Tanes.
  • Headmaster’s Award for Attitude – Meghan Leiper.
  • Mr Grannon’s Special Award – Alex Basinas.
  • Miss Kennedy’s Award – Alexis Hadjioannou
  • Mr Latanis’ Award – Anna Stroubou.
  • Players’ Boy Sportsman Award – Orestes Crawford.
  • Players’ Girl Sportswoman Award – Alexandra Wantenaar