Posted on April 13, 2017

Headmaster’s Blog

Special Edition – COBIS Junior Games

Milton Keynes UK Tuesday, 11th April – Thursday, 13th April 2017



Day Two: Athletics Wednesday, 12th April


After an excellent team performance in the pool on Day One, St Catherine’s went into Day Two on the track and in the field in positive fashion although only too aware of the strength of three times COBIS Junior Games winners, St Saviour’s!

There were some excellent performances yet again particularly in the relays where the boys scored points although missed the final by less than a second! The girls’ relay was a brilliant effort with the team of Meghan Leiper (even with her dislocated thumb!), Alex Wantenaar, Reka Williams and Melina Tsikritsis combining to bring home the bronze medal! Melina’s final leg was electric as had been her earlier performance in the individual 50m sprint where she was pipped on the line for silver – nevertheless she and the team were delighted with her bronze medal. In the Field events Reka won another bronze in the High Jump to go along with her relay and swimming bronze medals – bravo Reka! Meghan and Alexis Hadjioannou also scored points in the Vortex – the junior equivalent of the Javelin whilst Kostis Xanalatos scored points in the Long Jump. Kostis also scored points in the 75m sprint. Although every competitor in the middle distance events scored points, special mention must be made of Meghan Leiper who showed great tenacity and team spirit to run the 1200m within minutes of dislocating her thumb!

So a great team performance saw St Catherine’s home in 7th place in the Athletics whilst once again St Saviour’s were on great form and won the second day. But the gap is indeed narrowing and the football competition is going to be crucial in deciding the final placings with three teams tying for first place. Of course, St Catherine’s have an outstanding record in the football, winning the competition in Astana last year. So even if 6th might prove a little too far to win the overall competition there is no doubt that we will play a vital part on the final day – and who knows another bronze might be possible!


Day Two: Athletics FINAL Rankings:

1st – St Saviour’s

2nd – British School of the Netherlands

3rd – Dubai English Speaking School (DESS)

4th – Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS)

5th – Kings College Madrid (Soto)

6th – Childrens International School (CIS)

7th – St Catherine’s British School




1st Joint – St Saviour’s/JESS/DESS

4th – CIS

5th – British School of the Netherlands

6th – St Catherine’s British School

7th – Kings College Madrid (Soto)