Posted on September 29, 2016

Last week the Lower School Officers for 2016-2017 were announced.  They are:

  • Head Girl – Stefanie Tite (6C)
  • Head Boy – Florian Muennich (6B)
  • Deputy Head Girl – Rozita Papaellinas (6A)
  • Deputy Head Boy – Antonis Panagiotou (6A)


All four spoke eloquently at the Key Stage Two Assembly on Wednesday.  Antonis mentioned how he was “honoured to have been chosen” and he wished everyone “a good and successful year,” whilst Rozita believed that St. Catherine’s “honestly … feels like home.”  Florian recalled his first visit to St. Catherine’s and how he was “instantly struck by the warm and friendly atmosphere in the school,” and how he intends to work with the teachers and pupils to make “school life even better.”  Stefanie said how excited she was about writing in the Lower School Newsletter and how St. Catherine’s has grown over the years to the stage that this year we are “celebrating our 60th Anniversary” as a strong established British School.  She ended with a lesson she had learned in school – a Christopher Columbus quote – “you can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose the sight of shore.”  An excellent maxim for all our community as everyone starts their lifelong journey.


We wish them all the very best on their journey as the Lower School Officers for 2016-2017


Lower School Heads & Deputies photos