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For the final workshop of this year Year 4 students used scraps of fabric to create a 6m. backdrop for the Seven Dwarves ring a toss game. Wow!

PTSA 2nd Hand Uniform Sale - October 19, 2016

Today was Year 1’s turn to do an amazing job! An enormous Princess and the Pea backdrop will surely set the scene for our Marble Game in the front pitch. And how about the Golden Goose with her Golden eggs? They definitely had a blast doing that.

Year 6 students spent 45 minutes creatively painting and decorating a spooky bookcase, a dark thorn maze and even more book spines and covers. The end result was frightfully magnificent.

Today was Year 2’s turn to put their creating hats on! An enormous gingerbread house and magic potions of all shapes and sizes will surely transform our Canteen into a Hansel & Gretel scene.

Another student workshops was completed for the decorations of our upcoming and very popular Halloween and Bonfire night event. The participation was impressive and the outcome spooktacular! We invite parents and students to join more workshops to create halloween decorations!

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