Key Stage 2 comprises of Year 3 to Year 6, with the children aged from 7 to 11. The children are taught by their class teacher for English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology, and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education. Specialist teachers teach Physical Education, Modern languages (French or Greek) and Music. ICT skills are taught and developed across all subject areas.

We pride ourselves on providing a broad and exciting curriculum that stimulates the children's learning and engages their interest.
We use a cross curricular approach. Each half term, there is a central theme and, wherever possible, the learning in each subject is linked to that central theme. For example, in Year Five, when the theme is the Ancient Acropolis, their learning will have a History focus, which will be enhanced by studying Greek mythology in literacy, looking at the development of Athens in Geography and studying ancient Greek music in their music lessons. We know that children learn best when they can make connections between their learning and they put their learning into a context.

We feel that good teaching addresses the needs of all learners and our teachers use a variety of teaching methods to meet those needs. The children are encouraged to actively engage in the learning process by developing their thinking skills and using their creativity.

Speaking and listening, role play and cooperative group work are a central part of learning throughout the curriculum; they also help the children to develop their self confidence and their ability to interact with the other children as part of a team, both of which are important life skills.

At St Catherine's our aim is to develop the whole child by building a strong, caring community where children are polite, caring and respectful. We feel that this allows each child to develop their individual talents and fulfil their potential in a safe, caring environment, where they are happy and excited about their learning. As a result of this, our children make excellent academic progress and build their confidence and skills as learners as they move through the Key Stage.


Jackie Allsop                                                         Philippa Pyett
Head of Lower Key Stage 2                                  Head of Upper Key Stage 2