What is close to your heart?

Match your and your children’s passions and dreams with the vision for our new building and plans for the future by making a donation to support a particular space.

A donation such as this is special as it requires a significant commitment whilst providing incredible rewards. By supporting a space you will be creating a long-lasting reminder of your commitment to the school for all to see and celebrate, now and in the future.

Your donation will ensure that we can design and equip the space that you choose to exceptional quality, providing the necessary support for flexible, forward-looking teaching.

There are many opportunities to select from, such as the theatre, library, communal space, or one of the subject areas, and whichever option you choose, you will become an integral part of our school and future.


Benefits of your donation

If you choose to give your support in this way you will be eligible for a range of benefits including:

  • A tasteful plaque in or by the sponsored room naming you as a supporter of the space (The naming of a room will last the lifetime of the donor plus 15 years - a child's lifetime at the school)
  • Alternatively the room can be named in honour of someone or something but this would have to be approved by the school
  • The room can also be anonymously supported or anonymous whilst the child(ren) is at the school with a name to be added after this
  • If you so wish, you will be thanked in the Governor's Annual Report, on the website and on the school donor board
  • You will be invited to partake in hard-hat tours as the building progresses
  • You will be invited to a supporter's dinner to be held once the school is completed plus other special events
  • You will also be kept up-to-date on the progress of the project through meetings with the Executive Leadership Team


Find Out More

For more information, please contact Deborah Eleftheriou,
Head of Development on 216 9004 740 or deborah.eleftheriou@stcatherines.gr