The role of the PTSA

– Organises events and activities that will help build and strengthen the community spirit within the School through teamwork and volunteerism.

– Welcomes and supports the formation of friendships and networks across the parent, teacher and student body.

– Provides a communication channel between families and the school.

– Supports the school with various internal projects and events.

– Raises funds: all PTSA events and activities are self-financing and any surplus funds raised are allocated towards projects that benefit the whole school community.

PTSA welcome 20172018

How to get involved

The PTSA is completely volunteer led and run. There is an OPEN invitation to anyone within the school community who would like to step up and be more involved. Opportunities throughout the year are very varied and great fun. For those relatively new to the school, it is an excellent way to meet other parents, staff and students.

2017/2018 PTSA Committee

    • President: Katerina Moumtzoglou
    • Vice President: Tiffany Banner
    • Finance Officer: Christina Zaracoudi
    • Secretary: Frances Leiper
    • St. Cats ACT Chair: Olga Botonaki
    • Hospitality Coordinator: Olga Tsolaka
    • IB Coordinator: Christina Kakaletris -Woods
    • Halloween Event coordinator:  Dimitra Panagiotopoulou
    • Hospitality /F&B coordinator: Olga Tsolaka
    • Vendors coordinator: Arsy Chatziioannou
    • PTSA Broadsheet officer: Elisabeth Yiakou
    • 2nd Hand Uniform Sales Coordinators: Julie Cronin, Katerina Antonellou, Yota Psychis
    • Summer Event coordinator: Sher Wouters
    • Website / Media coordinator: Helena Constantinou
    • Volunteer coordinator: Yota Psichis
    • Photographer: Ioanna Danezi

PTSA Project Funding

All PTSA events and activities are self-financing and any surplus funds raised each year are allocated towards projects that benefit the whole school community. These projects aim at making the learning environment more interesting and exciting. All suggestions are evaluated by the PTSA in close discussion with Staff and students at the School. The PTSA welcomes project ideas from members of the whole community. Proposals should be submitted to the PTSA at


Examples of previous PTSA funded projects include:
School Compost Bin (2015)
Joint funding of a new portable school stage (2015)
Raised Vegetable gardens for Nursery, Reception & Lower School (2014/2015)
Greenhouse for Upper School Science (2014/2015)
Chilled water fountains (2014/2015)
Coffee Machines & Mugs for Conference Room (2014/2015)
Musical instruments and Gym equipment.


In response to suggestions from parents, and in line with the aim to strengthen community spirit, the PTSA tries to organise seminars series and interest group meetings that reflect the needs of the community. Current activities and plans include:

Book club – Meets once a month to discuss a book and chat over a glass of wine. Contact:
Books previously read include: The Silent Hours by Cesca Major, Report to Greco by Nikos Kazantzakis, Embers by Sandor Marai, To Know a Woman by Amos Oz and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
Mens basketball – Contact
Hubdot – Meetings for mothers and daughters
Wine tasting
Cultural evenings
Practical First Aid
Strengthening healthy relationships between parents and children.
Should you wish to suggest more opportunities or even share your expertise, please get in touch by email