"Work hard, play hard." is the mantra for pupils in Key Stage 3 and this is followed throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 with great enthusiasm by these lively, vivacious 12 to 14 year olds who relish opportunity, variety and challenge in the classroom and on every other playing surface.
Fourteen subjects on the timetable encompass the National Curriculum of England and Wales; in addition we celebrate our Greek location through Classical Civilisation. This wonderful location also provides myriad opportunities for visits, field work and museum based investigations. Pupils are entering the highly dramatic world of adolescence as they move into and through Key Stage 3, and Pastoral Care plays a most significant role in guiding them on towards achieving the School’s motto of “Excellence and Happiness.” This pastoral care is provided in support from Heads of Year, form tutors, the school councillor, discussion groups and most importantly of all the friendship and care which pupils give each other.



James Soumilas,
Head of Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Booklet