Welcome to the St. Catherine’s British School Admissions Portal. We are delighted that you have chosen us as a potential school for your child(ren) and look forward to guiding you through the admissions process.To commence your application please follow each step and enter your information carefully.

Please note that the Admissions Office will only receive the application once all steps have been completed – including the uploading of required documents and the payment of the Application Fee. Shortly after you submit the online application form, the e-mail address you will have registered for Parent/Legal Guardian 1 will receive an automated message confirming the online application has been received along with a reminder our additional formal application requirements. If you do not see the e-mail in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder as it may have found its way there in error.

If you encounter any problems completing this form please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact details shown – we will be very happy to help you.


Authorisation for Personal Data Processing

The personal data of the person completing the form electronically and of each of the pupils for whom the Application Form for entry to St. Catherine’s British School is completed, will be processed by St. Catherine’s British School mainly through electronic means, in order to facilitate the admissions process. Data will be handled in compliance with the School’s Privacy Policy, which was formulated in compliance with the requirements regulation GDPR 2016/679/EE. The provision of permissions, information and data, belonging to the Parent/ Legal Guardian and to each of the pupils for whom this Application Form for entry to St. Catherine’s British School has been completed, is optional. However, failure to supply this information will make it impossible for St. Catherine’s British School to process admission to the School.On our form, the Parent/Legal Guardian will be required to declare they have read and understood our Privacy Policy, completed in compliance with the requirements regulation GDPR 2016/679/EE.By filling in this Application for Admission Form, the Parent/Legal Guardian is stating that they are in possession of the consent of the other Parent/Legal Guardian (if applicable) of the pupil/s for its completion; and that they are aware of the legal penalties resulting from the falsification of documents and for making false statements. Furthermore, they are aware that if offered a place at St. Catherine’s British School, a School Contract must be signed by both parents (if applicable) or by the legal guardian. Lack of consent would prevent St. Catherine’s British School from accepting the Application Form.

On our form, Parent/ Legal Guardian will be required to authorise the processing of their own personal data and that of the pupil/s for whom they have made the application for entry to St. Catherine’s British School.

On our form, Parent/ Legal Guardian is required to accept the general conditions related to application for entry to St. Catherine’s British School. By completing and submitting an application for admissions form the Parent/ Legal Guardian is required to declare they have read and agreed to the school’s Privacy Policy and the Admissions Policy.