Can We Green it? Yes We Can!


What’s it about?

The world is in the midst of a climate emergency and eco-crisis and only by working together can we effect change in the future. St Catherine’s cares! It cares about creating an eco-friendly environment for our pupils and whole school community and understands it is our collective responsibility to take steps to look after the planet, nurture the environment and reduce our ecological impact.


How green is St Catherine’s now?

We strive in many areas to be green. We currently have:

  • Integrated learning about the environment, including in science and geography, focused PSHCE lessons, assemblies and environmental themed weeks
  • The whole school Eco-Council bringing eco-issues and solutions to the school including an eco-garden and compost bins
  • New water fountains to encourage the refilling of water bottles instead of buying plastic ones
  • Recycling bins for general waste and battery recycling
  • Initiatives to donate instead of disposing of clothes
  • Replacing old lights with eco-friendly lighting
  • Encouraging action by joining with Climate Strike Day
  • Working with the Go Green parent group on whole school initiatives


But there’s still much to do…

We need to ensure that our current site and our new building is eco-friendly in as many ways as possible. This is a challenge and opportunity involving us all and we take our responsibility seriously – we must leave the planet in a better way for the next generation.  On our current site we aim to:

  • Go plastic bottle free
  • Reduce / eliminate paper worksheets and post classwork and homework online
  • Replace all lights with eco-friendly lights
  • Stop plasticising books
  • Eliminate cling film
  • Turn off projectors and lights when they aren’t being used
  • Go greener with more plants
  • Encourage carbon offsetting




Can we Green it?

Support our Green it campaign, and together we can ensure our school becomes an Eco School which will benefit generation after generation of sustainably minded, environmentally conscious people!  

 All donations will contribute to our new eco vision across the whole school.  

Be part of the change!


Find Out More

Call  the Development Office on 216 9004 741 or email


Our new Upper School will be built along environmental guidelines and we aim to include:

  • The Green Roof and lots of trees and plants
  • Automatic light sensors
  • Rainwater harvesting and borehole system
  • Efficient temperature controls
  • Water fountains
  • Hand dryers in the WCs
  • Water tap sensors
  • Solar power
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound insulation
  • A bio-climatic system in the atrium


Can you Green it?

We have ambitious aims to ensure that the school community and school environment is as eco-friendly as it can possibly be, for our future and future generations, so how can you help? You can help in two ways, first by considering your actions and making those small or large changes that can help the world we live in.

Secondly, becoming environmentally friendly can be expensive, although we know it will reap rewards in the future. The school has budgeted to cover the core costs for elements in the new building, however, we want to implement as many changes as soon as possible and for this we’re asking for additional help. The money raised will go towards elements of the roof garden, fully installing solar panels and other eco-initiatives on both sites.

We value all donations whatever size as every euro helps!


If this interests you please donate here to Green it!


Can We Green it? Yes We Can!