Thursday, 31st January 2019


Day One – Athletics


The Dubai sun was up and out and from the outset, we knew it was going to be a scorching day. The girls kicked off their competition in the field, whilst the boys fired up the track. The competition format is slightly different this year, really raising the bar of suspense. The overall positions for track and field events will not be announced until Saturday…and only the top 3!

We had some fantastic track heats from the boys with Paris storming ahead and dominating the field in the 800m competition. As the 800m is organised purely on times, we know that Paris didn’t quite make the cut for 3rd, but we’re hopeful that we’ll see a top 5 finish when we get the final results!! Struan also had a cracking run against a tough field, coming in just behind the top 3 athletes. Fingers crossed that we’ll have 2 runners in the top 8 for the 800m! The African schools are out here in force and their sprinters were dominant. This didn’t put our boys off at all though. Each one of them stepped up to the occasion and put out their strongest performance.

The girls’ track events saw a similar charge at the front from the African athletes, but the fast legs of Anais saw her absolutely fly down her 75m with exceptional pace. It wasn’t enough to push her into the final, however, there could be a PB on the cards! A similar show saw Leticia and Athina push through the afternoon heat for the 800m heats and a stunning performance from both of them are leaving us hopeful for the final result.

The girls’ relays teams both ran well, finishing just outside the top 8 but heat performances showed them working extremely well with each other and their development really showed. The field events saw the girls showing off their talent in the morning, with some excellent jumping distances and heights. The afternoon session saw similar from the boys, with us waiting in nail biting suspense to see the final results!!! There are definitely going to be some top 5 finishes in the jumps!!

The real superstar of the day, however, was girls’ captain, Luisa, who, modest as always hadn’t let anyone know how well she had done in the shot put. The St Cats crew were happily sat up in the stands watching the medal ceremony when all of a sudden (and what a surprise it was) we heard Luisa being called to the podium to receive a Bronze medal! We will have her official distance along with the other results on Saturday but what an absolutely fantastic performance!

A long and hot day saw all of the children tired and hungry, so a quick journey back to the hotel was very welcome, as was the “carbtastic” dinner that was waiting for us! A quiet evening followed with lots of time to rest and prepare their bodies for another full day of football tomorrow.