In order to place an application with the school, you must submit the following documentation:

  1. Completed online application for admission form.
  2. Copy of your child’s passport and/or birth certificate.
  3. Proof of payment of Euro 100 application fee (see Fee Schedule)
  4. Latest school reports (or a recent drawing if your child is pre-school age) together with results of any standardised tests (e.g. Reading, Key Stage SATs, etc.)

All applications must be accompanied by the documents listed above for the admissions process to start. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Additional Requirements:

There are additional entry requirements for the different stages of the school. For detailed information on the full process of entry to the Early Years Foundation Stage, the Lower School and the Upper School, please refer to the relevant "Guidelines for Entry" pdf file in the left margin.

Concluding the Admissions Process:

  • As soon as a decision has been made – or if any further information is needed – you will be contacted by the Admissions Office.
  • Once an offer of a place is made to your child, you will be sent an offer letter with a School Contract, which needs to be signed and returned to the Admissions Office. You will also be asked to pay the Registration and Development Fund Fees to secure the offered place.
  • On confirmation of your acceptance of an offered place, you will receive an electronic Induction Package containing additional information for new families.
  • One day before the official start of each academic year, our new pupils are invited to attend the Induction Day which is an event to welcome your children to their new school and introduce them to their teachers.
  • An earlier Induction Day is held in June for children joining the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children who did not have the possibility of attending the June event are welcome to join the September Induction Day.
  • If you have any enquiries prior to your child’s start date, the Admissions Office will be happy to help.